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  • Aqualung Favola Mask

    Aqualung Favola Mask

    The Favola mask is a two-lens design that keeps diver comfort and vision at the forefront of priorities. The angled lenses mean you'll easily see around you, including upward and downward. No longer will you have to fight your mask's lenses while trying to scan down your body or while looking at the sea life above you. Additionally, the low-profile design means you won't have to fight mask drag as you cruise through the water.
  • Aqualung Inpression Mask

    Aqualung Inpression Mask

    Aqualung Impression Dive Mask is designed according to Aqualung's innovative, patented 'Micromask Technology', which positions the lenses close to the eyes.
  • Aqualung Linea Mask

    Aqualung Linea Mask

    A beautiful single lens mask made specifically for the woman diver. This mask uses the latest technologies to provide the ultimate in form, fit and function.
  • Aqualung Look 2 Mask

    Aqualung Look 2 Mask

    Classic and elegant, put forward again the Look formula in a modern fashion with added technical features. The inclined-to-the-cheeks frame design produces a mask with an excellent view upwards and downwards.