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  • Aqua-Lung Pro HD BCD

    Aqua-Lung Pro HD BCD

    Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD is a brand new addition to the Aqua Lung family. With advanced technology, such as SureLock II mechanical weight release system, to make sure your weights stay safely attached, until you need to remove them. It is also made of ResisteK material to prevent fading and abrasion.
  • Aqualung Axiom BCD

    Aqualung Axiom BCD

    The Aqua Lung Axiom BCD provides the perfect balance between freedom of movement, fit, comfort and functionality thanks to a list of new features. The new integrated Wrapture harness system provides better stability and support with swivelling quick release shoulder straps which are secured closer towards the back to provide a more open but more secure fit, helping to prevent the BCD from rolling sliding on the body.
  • Aqualung Pearl BCD - Twilight

    Aqualung Pearl BCD - Twilight

    Aqualung's best selling Ladies BC is now available in Twilight to compliment the new women’s line and has been upgraded with neoprene sports bra panels for added comfort and durability.
  • AquaLung Wave BCD

    AquaLung Wave BCD

    The new and improved Wave BC still maintains its durability and fade resistance as its predecessor, but now offers optional weight integration. Now you can either dive the Wave in its standard form using a traditional weight belt or upgrade to weight pockets featuring the SureLock II weight system. This versatile and rugged entry level model will provide years of diving fun.