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  • Cetacea Coil Lanyard

    Cetacea Coil Lanyard

    Ideal for torches and cameras, Crab QR coil lanyard (36") with fixed cord & barrel lock.
  • Cetacea Gear Clip

    Cetacea Gear Clip

    Lanyard with extended fixed cord & barrel lock - Colours available Blue, Yellow & Black
  • Jon Line

    Jon Line

    Special hook attachment will lock round rope, anchor chain, shot lines etc. Ideal for drifting and decompressing
  • SMB Lanyard

    SMB Lanyard

    This SMB lanyard has a snap hook at one end split ring at the other.
  • Torch Lanyard

    Torch Lanyard

    Number 1 snap hook on webbing with 7 1/2" cord loop