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Dry Suit Diver Course

Dry Suit Diving - Keeping warm and comfortable is imperative in cold waters the water draws heat away 25 times faster. Learning how to correctly wear and dive a dry suit will allow you to make you dives longer and more enjoyable.


If you want to dive in UK waters and in the colder climates, DRY SUIT DIVING is the course you should take. Most UK diving destinations are best suited to diving in a dry suit as other suits wont provide enough thermal protection.

In your DRY SUIT DIVING program you will learn about the advantages of dry suit diving, different suits, valves, underwear and dry suit accessories.

During the 2 dives you will apply correct dry diving techniques and demonstrate the correct care and maintenance of a dry suit.


  • Why Dry Suits?
  • Types of Dry Suits
  • Dry Suit Valves
  • Underwear Selection
  • Dry Suit Accessories
  • Dry Suit Techniques
  • Maintenance of Dry Suits
  • Dry Suit Repairs

You can also select to do your Dry Suit training in conjunction with another course or speciality. Please contact us and we can discuss the options and create a personalised dive training plan for you.

Pool sessions take place on a Tuesday evening at 7pm.
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