For wet and dry suits

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  • Aquaseal Zip Tech

    Aquaseal Zip Tech

    Zip Tech is formulated to protect and lubricate your drysuit watertight zipper. In its convenient roll-on container, Zip Tech is a solid lubricant stick designed to inhibit rust, resist corrosion, and lubricate the metal of watertight zippers on drysuits.
  • McNett Aquasure 28g Adhesive

    McNett Aquasure 28g Adhesive

    Repairs to wet suits, dry suits and all watersports products. Flexible urethane formula water-proofs, seals and protects against abrasion.
  • McNett Pro Talc 100g

    McNett Pro Talc 100g

    Finest ground unscented French chalk. High quality talc helps preserve latex and rubber seals, eases entry into dry suits and wetsuits and helps to prevent chafing. Can also be used for dusting Aquasure repairs etc.
  • McNett Seal Saver

    McNett Seal Saver

    Protects and conditions dry suit seals, gaskets, O-rings and rubber products. Regular application of Seal Saver preserves and maintains latex and neoprene seals while inhibiting oxidation and deterioration. Seal Saver provides a protective, high gloss finish. Available in 1 1/4 oz. Blister Pack.