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  • Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife

    Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife

    The Aqua Lung squeeze lock knife can be used with the knife points on the Aqua Lung / Seaquest range of BCD or used independently with the sheath and hose wrap provided
  • Oceanic Spinner Knife

    Oceanic Spinner Knife

    The Oceanic spinner knife is designed to mount on an Oceanic BC the Spinner BC Knife is a compact solution perfectly suited to the streamlined diver. This version of the Spinner has a blunt tip blade.
  • Scubapro Mako Titanium Knife

    Scubapro Mako Titanium Knife

    The Mako Titanium Knife incorporates a multi-function blade with a highly-durable cutting edge. It is made from hardened titanium, titanium being the ultimate material for light weight, long life and corrosion free performance.
  • Tusa Mini Knife - FK-10

    Tusa Mini Knife - FK-10

    FK-10 Mini-Knife is a compact and lightweight knife that is easy to attach to a BC or gauge hose for easy access.