Scubapro Hooded Vest

Scubapro 2.5mm Scuba Diving Hooded Vest Provide extra warmth over the torso and is designed for layering with one of our scuba diving steamer wetsuits. Silverskin lining provides easy donning, fast drying and excellent sealing properties 2.5mm Hooded Vest 0.5mm ultra-stretch Nylon out, silverskin in torso.

Easy to dress and fast drying, it provides extra warmth over the torso.

  • Available in 5/3MM or 2.5/0.5MM
  • Designed to layer with SCUBAPRO steamers.
  • Easy to dress and fast drying.
  • 5/3MM:  3.0mm Ultrastretch N2S neoprene provides additional warmth over torso and 5.0mm hood.
  • 2.5/0.5MM:  2.5mm neoprene on front and back sections and hood, with Glideskin interior and 0.5mm Ultrastretch side panels.
  • Unisex available in Black.

Clearance Size - XS

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Condition New
Weight 1kg