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  • Suunto Transmitter

    Suunto Transmitter

    Suunto Transmitter with LED will Monitor tank pressure and air consumption data while you dive. The data is wirelessly sent to your Suunto air integrated dive computer on your wrist.
  • Suunto EON Steel

    Suunto EON Steel

    Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer, the latest and greatest computer from Suunto. Suunto have used all of their dive instrument and computer know-how to develop their most advanced and feature rich computer yet.
  • Suunto Tank POD for EON Steel

    Suunto Tank POD for EON Steel

    The Suunto Tank POD is a newly designed wireless air transmitter which can be used with the Suunto EON Steel.

Suunto, now the world leader in Dive Computers with a range of Dive Computers, Dive Compasses, Dive Console’s – was founded in Finland in the 1950’s.
Suunto made it’s name making marine compasses – In the 1960’s when a British Scuba Diver took a Suunto compass diving, this led Suunto into the world of Scuba Diving. Suunto Dive Computers are a brilliant addition to your scuba diving gear.