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  • Hyperdry Max Snorkel

    Hyperdry Max Snorkel

    The SP-200 Hyperdry MAX is TUSA’s all new revolutionary dry snorkel. The Hyperdry MAX incorporates several features including the Hyperdry MAX Dry Top System (pat p.) with two independent high buoyancy floats for superior dry snorkelling performance, high flow angled purge valve, 3-D large bore pipe and TUSA's patented detachable swivel adapter making the SP-200 the dry snorkel for the water!
  • Tusa Imprex Snorkel

    Tusa Imprex Snorkel

    Nothing is more frustrating than getting a mouthful of saltwater when you're snorkelling. TUSA is out to change all that.
  • Tusa Plantina II Hyperdry Snorkel

    Tusa Plantina II Hyperdry Snorkel

    The SP-170 Platina II Hyperdry snorkel is TUSA’s premier semi-dry snorkel incorporating several features such as the patented Hyperdry System making this one of the most stylish and feature packed snorkels on the market.